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Let us find the right material, design, and assembly method that brings your next build to life


Timber Framing

While we work most with reclaimed re-sawn timbers, we also work with as-is, hand hewn, and mass timber products. We construct timber trusses, posts, ceiling beams, decks, pergolas and more. By contacting us early in the design process, we can work with engineers, architects and contractors to ensure the best timber decisions are made for your project and structural timber components arrive on schedule.


Log Work

If the timeless look and natural feel of logs are the style you are going for, we are happy to help provide the lumber package to complete your project. We are experienced with scribing and coping logs to create tight fitting, sturdy and durable log joinery. Our work often blends modern and traditional designs to create hybrid timber frames using log, timber, steel and traditional framing materials. 


Custom Woodworking

Want to Incorporate timber framing or log work into your next piece of furniture? With experience building bed frames, tables, countertops, desks, and more out of reclaimed lumber, we are ready to create one of a kind pieces with a unique timber framed look and feel. Using a variety of sanding and staining techniques we can provide the perfect patina and finish to compliment your home or business.  

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